Our UV solutions are dedicated to industrial companies for standard processes as well as tailor-made ones, like under inerted gas environment for example.


We offer configurations in 2D or 3D, with or without LED, with Mercury, Gallium, Iron, or any other kind of doped lamps with a width up to 3 meters


With our technology, you can also produce direct food contact substrates where migration tolerance have to be at 10ppm or below


Ex : Inerted UV system for film substrate



Our equipment is manufactured in Germany, a large range of our products is patented, and we are leaders in Europe and worldwide by number of installations


Please do not hesitate to fulfil the Contact page in this website and we'll be incontact rapidly with you to answer any kind of question.

85% of our customers are used to sign non-disclosure contracts with us.





Physical matification in UV and 3D (patent)